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[S6E22] (21-22)The Finale

Season 6 entered preproduction on June 19, 2006. It premiered in the United States beginning with a four-hour block across two nights on January 14 and January 15, 2007. Subsequent episodes aired Monday nights at 9pm on Fox in the United States (two episodes were aired consecutively on February 12), and the season finale aired 2 straight episodes to finish off the season. The show on Sunday nights at 9pm in the UK. The season did not start screening until October 28 in New Zealand, starting at 10:25 pm for two hours weekly.

[S6E22] (21-22)The Finale

It's been 20 years to the date since Seinfeld aired its series finale, and to honor the brilliantly creative show about nothing - which remains a pillar of popular culture with one-liners from the show often referenced in everyday life - we counted down to the May 14th anniversary in the only way we knew how: sports references. The show's nine seasons are filled with sports - probably more than you remember - so we're breaking them all down.

On Monday, the day of the 20th anniversary of the finale, we saved our best list of all: The greatest sports moments on the series. Our criteria? If cover it at For The Win, it's a sport. Other than that, we thought about how funny the moment was. As Jerry once said, let's start the insanity. 041b061a72


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