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Pinnacle Pixie Activation 500 Exe 12 NEW!

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Pinnacle Pixie Activation 500 Exe 12


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Do not get confused with registration and product activation/unlock. The objectives of these two options are completely different from each other. You activate/unlock a purchased product to move from a trial version to unlimited use. You register a product (purchased or evaluation version) to access, among other things, product updates and technical support.

If your activation key is not working, first check that you have entered the correct key number shown on your email or on your bill. If you do not have it handy, you can get a history of key you have purchased from Pinnacle here, then accessing the section "Customer Service". You will get all your registered products listed.If the purchase was done at Avid store, you will have the same thing here. If the key does not work, please contact technical support (click here).

In some rare cases it is possible that Premium Pack 1-2 or RTFX Volumes 1-2 are missing or locked, after updating to Studio version 12.1. You may also experience an error message: "Feature not found" when entering your activation key.


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