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The Path To Publication: Step 1

One of my goals for 2021 is to publish and release a non-fiction book based on a 90 day challenge a mentor, Christopher Hummel, proposed to a group of which I am a member.

What was the challenge?

It was a simple lesson in consistency. He said that consistency of action is a founding principle or habit of success. He told us to post everyday for 90 days on whatever social platform we subscribe to. As I was mostly active on LinkedIn I accepted the challenge and struck out to post daily for 90 days.

Today, is Day 89. As often occurs I was woken up at 2:30 am by an idea. My normal response is to capture the idea as best I can with the Notepad app on my Android phone OR write it down using the pen and pad of paper I keep next to my bed.

This Day 89 idea was more evolved than most and the voice at the back of my head pushed me to get out of bed, go to my computer, and post then and there. And so, at 2:30 am it became the earliest post of the day. My posts focus on my driving purpose of helping others not only find their purpose and passion in life but by LIVING it in the world everyday in every way. I call this campaign "Finding Your Voice". The irony is that I must struggle to find my own voice everyday in every way and then, and only, then might people come to me to help them on the same journey.

I wholly believe that the fastest path to success is to find those that have gone before and engage with them, follow them, learn from their successes, their mistakes, and let that inform your actions.

Most successful people, at least those that continue to succeed throughout their life are willing and driven to reach back and help others. I believe it is this attitude of gratitude which drives them to lifelong success.

And some may ask: WTF does this have to do with the "Path To Publication?"

Excellent question: Writing begins with an idea. If you plant this idea in fertile ground and water it everyday, it will grow into a great oak. The 90 Day Challenge is my idea. In fact, by word count the book is nearly 60% complete. It still has to be edited, formatted, and set for print or view (ereaders), before publishing but Step 1 is the idea.

You may live with the mindset of scarcity and think that my writing blogs, posts, and anything aside from focusing on my book will detract from my book. For me, the only way to become a great writer is to write something everyday. Although thousands have said this it was not until I went to a reading by Dennis Lehane (one of my favorite authors) and he gave an impromptu writing workshop of sorts after the reading. A grand example of someone who has gone before reaching back to help those who wish to follow. When asked "What does it take to become a great writer?" he answered with two thoughts: "Write SOMETHING everyday!" AND "Interesting writing arises from an interesting life. Be curious, try new things, observe new things, let in new things, lead an interesting life and THAT will inform your writing."

And so I end with this (needless to say or write but there it shall remain captured in the blog forever): Step 1 in the path to publication is having an idea is the action. Writing everyday and leading an interesting life are the sunlight and the water which will lead the seed of an idea to become a great oak someday.

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