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Film Khakee: A Real-Life Story of a Brave Cop and His Team

Download Film Khakee: A Thrilling Action Movie Based on a True Story

If you are looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you should download Film Khakee, a 2004 Hindi-language neo-noir action thriller film directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. Film Khakee is based on a true story of an Indian police team that was assigned to escort an accused terrorist from a small town in Maharashtra to Mumbai. Along the way, they faced many obstacles and challenges, including a ruthless ex-cop who wanted to kill the terrorist, a corrupt politician who wanted to free him, and a mysterious woman who had her own agenda.

Download Film Khakee

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Film Khakee, including what it is about, why you should watch it, how to download it online for free, and how to enjoy it to the fullest. So, without further ado, let's get started!

What is Film Khakee About?

Film Khakee is a movie that revolves around a team of five police officers who were assigned to bring Dr. Iqbal Ansari, a captured ISI agent who was responsible for riots, safely from Chandangarh to Mumbai. The team consisted of DCP Anant Shrivastav, Senior Inspector Shekhar Verma, Sub-Inspector Ashwin Gupte, and constables Kamlesh Sawant and Gajanan Mhatre. They were also accompanied by Mahalakshmi, a school teacher who claimed that she had seen some terrorists in her school premises.

However, their mission was not as simple as it seemed. They had to face many dangers and difficulties along the way, such as roadblocks, ambushes, explosions, betrayals, and revelations. They also had to deal with Yashwant Angre, a former cop who was dismissed and imprisoned after Anant caught him killing five innocent men in a fake encounter during a bank robbery. Angre wanted revenge on Anant and also wanted to kill Ansari for his own reasons.

Film Khakee is a movie that belongs to the genre of neo-noir action thriller. It has elements of crime, drama, suspense, mystery, and violence. It also explores themes such as corruption, morality, loyalty, justice, duty, and sacrifice. It shows how the police officers risked their lives and faced many challenges to fulfill their duty.

Film Khakee is also inspired by real events that took place in India in 1999. It is based on the Operation Dhritrashtra b70169992d


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