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The K2 Episode 8 ((TOP))

Some scenes of the drama, primarily in episodes 1 and 2, were filmed in Catalonia (along the mountain of Montserrat, the Gothic and Baroque Cistercian Monastery of Santes Creus in Aiguamúrcia), followed by various places in Barcelona (center, Old City, etc., as well as various metro / commuter rail stations such as Plaça d'Espanya and Magòria / La Campana), Gaudí's Modernista Colònia Güell Crypt (fashion show party) among other locations in Spain (probably near Almería for the Iraq War desert locations). The closing scene of episode 16 was filmed at Barcelona's Turó de la Rovira hill.[17][18][19][20][21] The rest of the series was apparently filmed in Korea.

The K2 Episode 8

Anna is finally free from Yoo Jin's clutches! Spoilers for upcoming episodes in "The K2" reveal that Anna goes outside the safe house -- and now she's not sneaking out. However, it seems like more people are going to exploit her, including Yoo Jin's brother, Sung Won.

In "The K2" episode 8, Kim Je Ha's (Ji Chang Wook) plan to save Anna (Im Yoona) from Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yun Ah) worked out. Anna's stepmother Yoo Jin has been keeping her hostage to manipulate her father, presidential candidate Jang Se Joon (Jo Sung Ha), in hopes to be Korea's first lady. Je Ha a.k.a. K2 made Anna reveal to the media that his father was the late Director Go instead of Jang Se Joon, and their situation made a complete turn.

The promo for "The K2" episode 9 shows Anna waking up happily. It seems like Anna's sociophobia was only a lie made by Yoo Jin to keep Anna guarded because it looks like she has no trouble talking to others. She even greeted her home guards "good morning" which made Mi Ran a.k.a. J4 (Lee Ye Eun) choke in surprise. Yoo Jin will have a confrontation with his brother, JB Group CEO Choi Sung Won (Lee Jung Jin). Anna suddenly showing up in the office will also add to her problems.

On the other hand, new dangers await Anna as she goes to the outside world. The second half of the promo shows Je Ha commanding Anna to stay still using the go-stop game he taught her in the previous episode. Then suddenly Je Ha was rushing into an empty room and beating down men. Anna was also not seen in the second half which means she might be hurt or kidnapped? In the last scene Je ha is seen grabbing Sung Won and asking him where Anna is. Sung Won has many motives to kidnap Anna. He can use her to blackmail Yoo Jin, that is, if he knows Se Joon is her real father. He also seems interested in getting Je Ha on his side. 041b061a72


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