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Vyacheslav Nekrasov
Vyacheslav Nekrasov

[S9E15] Justice For All Fixed

Detective Stabler is attacked and temporarily blinded when arresting a child molester (Arye Gross) who suffers from schizophrenia. Disturbed by what has been done to her partner, Detective Benson tries to sabotage New York's case against the man and have him put on death row in Louisiana instead. Due to her own conflict of interest, ADA Novak tries to bend the rules in the opposite direction and have the man acquitted. The situation is resolved when the District Attorney reminds Novak that executing a mentally ill prisoner is illegal and threatens to pull her license unless she acts as a voice for the prosecution. The schizophrenic is sent to a New York mental hospital and Benson admits that her interference almost caused a miscarriage of justice.

[S9E15] Justice for All

The Toronto Raptors have a social justice team council, and VanVleet is the leader there. He led the team during the protests during the bubble, and he was one of the leaders of the league there, as well. His efforts have been numerous in enacting positive and tangible change.

Jonathan is a recent law school graduate with a passion for social justice, science fiction, sports, and alliteration. He's completed five marathons, but the only ones he's finished since 2012 are of the Netflix variety. He can usually be found enjoying a good beer (or several) while watching "Law and Order" reruns just to poke holes in Jack McCoy's legal strategy. 041b061a72


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