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Vyacheslav Nekrasov
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I have recently purchased a wd black2 drive. This drive is not supported for use on OSX. The 1TB HDD must be unlocked by a program that runs in Windows. If you get the drive and just put it into your macbook, you will just see the 120gb ssd. I used another laptop running Windows 7 to unlock the drive by following the instructions that came with the drive. I have subsequently replaced the Toshiba drive that came with my mid 2012 13" MacBook Pro. I, most assuredly, got this drive working and ran Windows 8.1 on it with a 120gb SSD and 1TB HDD visible and useable. After installing Mavericks on it, I realized that my MacBook recognizes the two drives as one SSD with a partition (that got removed when I installed Mavericks leaving behind a 1.1TB SSD). At this point, I have to figure out if that is a bad thing or not, as well as what I am going to do about it. I came upon your question in my search, and wanted to let you know that it is possible to use this device with your MacBook Pro. Others have done it, and you can more than likely find out how to do it, too, if you ask questions in the right forums.



Now that windows was installed (and I was still in windows), I inserted the usb drive that came with the wd black2 dual drive (or you can just go to the wd support page, look up dual drives - because this is the only one - and ran the installation software for the drive which unlocked the 1tb partition. It showed up as one 1tb partion that was formatted in ntfs. DONE! I can now confirm that this drive does work in a mid 2012 MacBook Pro. I did some other things, such as reformatted the 1tb partition to a mac journaled partition, moved my home folder to the 1tb partition, and am now investigating how to make this a fusion drive. I will have to temporarily move my home file off of the drive when this time comes because the command to create the fusion drive with delete what is on the 1tb partition. It is possible to create a fusion drive using partitions on drives rather than the whole drives so that you can keep your restore partition. 041b061a72


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