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Book Of Serenity One Hundred Zen Dialogues

Book Of Serenity One Hundred Zen Dialogues

Book of Serenity is a translation of Shoyo Roku, a collection of one hundred Zen koans with commentaries that stands as a companion to the other great Chinese koan collection, the Blue Cliff Record (Pi Yen Lu). A classic of Chan (Chinese Zen) Buddhism, Book of Serenity has been skillfully rendered into English by the renowned translator Thomas Cleary. Compiled in China in the twelfth century, the Book of Serenity is, in the words of Zen teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson, "an auspicious peak in the mountain range of Zen literature, a subtle flowing stream in the deep valleys of our teaching, a treasure house of inspiration and guidance in studying the ocean of Buddhist teachings." Each one of its one hundred chapters begins with an introduction, along with a main case, or koan, taken from Zen lore or Buddhist scripture. This is followed by commentary on the main case, verses inspired by it, and, finally, further commentary on all of these. The book contains a glossary of Zen/Chan terms and metaphors.

But let vs now in this next place, come to his particular Instances of Protestancy, for the space of foure hundred yeres only aboue mencioned: in setting downe of which the Pamphleter vseth this ensuing policy (for indeed he is a man wholy made of sophistications, deceats, and collusions) he doth not beginne with Waldo, so descending to Luthers dayes; seing by this playne method the Reader might at the first sight and sensibly obserue, that he hath omitted (contrary to the title of his Booke) eleuen hundred yeres, without giuing any one instance of Protestancy for all those seuerall ages. Therefore he craftily beginneth to instance in the tymes before Luther, and so ryseth vpward some foure hundred yeres from this day, in his pretended Examples: Thus hoping, that the vulgar Reader would either, through not perusing the booke to the End, or through want of Iudgment, not so easely and instantly espye, how far (and no further) he had proceeded in these Examples.

9. Nynthly, The title of his Booke, being to proue the continual Visibility of his owne Church in all ages, he produceth his Examples of protestancy (supposing them for the tyme, to be true Examples) only for the first three or foure hundred yeres before Luthers dayes; and so (mearly crose to the title of his booke) he omitteth eleuen hundred yeres, without geuing instance of any one protestant, during all those Ages. 59ce067264


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